14 Oubas Hill, Ulverston

‘Catbells’, 14 Oubas Hill, Ulverston, Cumbria: House History

It appears that the row of properties including 14 Oubas Hill was at least partially constructed before 1792, and it seems likely that the first part of it to be built was the section comprising the two cottages now forming number 14. The row was subsequently extended to the east with the addition of two more cottages, perhaps by as early as 1812. It is not certain who was responsible for building the cottages or who they were originally occupied by, but by at least the end of the 19th century they were owned by the Hart family, who were important local ship builders, and their descendants the Hart Jacksons. Properties in this area were typically occupied by people involved in shipbuilding or professions associated with seafaring during the 18th and early 19th century, or people connected to iron mining, and latterly by people involved in stone working and building and employees of the railway.