Higher House Farm, Natland

Higher House Farm, Oxenholme Lane, Natland, Cumbria: House History

Higher House was constructed before 1836. It was probably built for WW Carus-Wilson of Casterton Hall, who was the earliest recorded landowner. The history of the owners and occupiers has become blurred due to the misuse of the property’s name, which has on occasion also been applied to High House on Helm Lane in the census and trade directories. It seems likely that the earliest occupants were members of the extended Sill family (including members of the Birkett or Berkit family), although the Hutchinson family is also indicated. The Sills were seemingly superseded by the Hutchinson and Jackson family by 1881, the Lund family by 1891, and the Cannan (or Cannon) family by 1911, at which time it Higher House was owned by the Jordan family, and Robert Bindloss was the tenant farmer from at least 1921 to 1938.   The few remaining early features are of 18th century date.