Land off Greengate, Levens (Geophysics)

Land off Greengate, Levens, Cumbria: Geophysical Survey Report

A geophysical survey was recommended by the Historic Environment Officer at Cumbria Historic Environment Service following a desk-based assessment of land off Greengate Road, Levens, Cumbria. A magnetometer survey was undertaken on the area in October 2014. In general, the background magnetic response was fairly high and in some areas, the data was fairly ‘noisy’. The area had obviously been subject to ploughing, with very distinct parallel responses visible in the data. Despite this, there were several discrete responses of possible archaeological origin. The most convincing took the appearance of rectilinear or square features and may be evidence of ditched enclosures although parts of these appear to have been damaged by the ploughing. Other responses of possible archaeological origin appeared to be aligned with the plough lines but this may be due to the dragging effect that modern ploughing tends to have on buried features. The northern part of the survey area exhibited areas of responses due to modern above ground metallic objects. Responses indicative of a relict field boundary were also present in the southern part of the area together with a small area of possible burning.

The full report is available on the Archaeology Data Service website: