Land to the Rear of Farbrow Road, Carleton

Land to South-West Cumwhinton Road and to the Rear of Farbrow Road, Carleton, Carlisle, Cumbria: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Geophysical Survey

As part of pre-planning consultation for a proposed residential development on land south-west of Cumwhinton Road and to the Rear of Farbrow Road, Carleton, Carlisle, Cumbria, Greenlane Archaeology was commissioned to carry out a desk-based assessment and geophysical survey of the site. The project was carried out in February 2014.

The site is to the north of the village of Carleton and south of Harraby. Carleton and Harraby have at least medieval origins but there are a number of sites of prehistoric date in the vicinity, and it is close to the Roman city of Carlisle and Hadrian’s Wall. In addition, a significant early medieval silver hoard was found in the field immediately to the east of the site.

There are a number of certain or probably Roman finds and sites from the immediate area although these have typically seen little investigation. It is likely that the area saw relatively little development until the post-medieval period, following the Dissolution and after the coming of the Newcastle-Carlisle railway and a number of sites belonging to this period demonstrate the general industrialisation of the area.

The geophysical survey revealed large numbers of isolated dipolar anomalies and other areas of magnetic disturbance, probably resulting from modern activity, as well as evidence for former agricultural activity. In the centre of the site two large concentrations of magnetic anomalies were also present, which may also relate to modern disturbance or differences in the local geology.

The full report will be made available on the Archaeology Data Service website.