Land to the South of Scroggs Wood, Kendal (Geophysics)

Land to the South of Scroggs Wood, Kendal, Cumbria: Archaeological Geophysical Survey

Phase Site Investigations Ltd was carried out a magnetic gradient survey at a site to the south of Scroggs Wood, Kendal. The survey used a multi-sensor array cart system (MACS), comprising 6 Foerster 4.032 Ferex CON 650 gradiometers with a control unit and data logger. The data was collected on profiles spaced 1m apart with readings taken at 0.1-0.15 m intervals. The majority of the anomalies identified by this survey are thought to relate to agricultural practice, modern material / objects or geological / pedological variations but there are a number of anomalies of uncertain or unknown origin. There is a linear / curvi-linear anomaly in the west of the site that could be an infilled ditch but there is insufficient evidence to definitely confirm if this is archaeological in origin. The survey also identified a complex of broad / diffuse positive linear / curvi-linear anomalies that are thought to be caused by natural infilled fissures in the bedrock, however, the responses vary and there are a number of anomalies of less certain origin. Whilst the origin of the latter is less clear there is no evidence in the magnetic data to indicate that the majority of them are anthropogenic in origin. A known Roman kiln is present adjacent to the north-east of the site and potentially some responses of uncertain origin in this part of the site could be caused by related features but there is no definitive evidence in the data to confirm this.

The full report will be made available on the Archaeology Data Service website.