Natland Hall, Natland (Additional Building Recording)

Natland Hall, Natland, Kendal, Cumbria: Additional Archaeological Building Recording

Following a fire at Natland Hall, Natland, Kendal, the Conservation Officer for South Lakeland District Council requested that further archaeological building recording, following on from a full building recording carried out in 2012, be carried out prior to repairs of the affected areas.

Natland Hall potentially has medieval origins but the bulk of the standing building is probably of 17th century date. The previous building recording revealed that much of the present structure is probably of 17th century date, with an early phase of alteration involving the insertion of a staircase at the south end, the original having been in a projecting block on the west side. Later alterations included changes to the windows and the addition of outshuts along the west side. Its earliest recorded inhabitant is Allan Prickett, the first recorder for Kendal, and it appears to have been used as a non-conformist academy in the late 17th century.

The additional building recording was concentrated on the fireplace in one of the main ground floor rooms (G6). It had gone through a number of alterations, the opening having been gradually reduced in size from the 17th century, although an apparent blocked opening of uncertain purpose was also present in the west side. Elsewhere evidence for changes was more limited, although an alcove formed alongside the smoke hood on the first floor (Room F4) was also clearly blocked at a very late date.

The full report is available on the Archaeology Data Service website: