No. 9 High Street and Jerry Croft, Skipton

Proposed Retail Development, No. 9 High Street and Jerry Croft, Skipton, North Yorkshire: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment

A desk-based assessment was carried out prior to the submission of a planning application for a proposed retail development at No. 9 High Street and Jerry Croft, Skipton, North Yorkshire. The site is situated on the east side of the main thoroughfare in Skipton and is part of an area of medieval burgage plots. Several other archaeological investigations have been carried out in the immediate area, and while these have generally not made any significant discoveries, deposits and finds of medieval and post-medieval date have been identified. The map regression revealed that the majority of the site was originally gardens to the rear of properties fronting High Street, although No. 9 had been occupied by earlier buildings. There had been little development of the site until the 20th century, when it was largely cleared and the present clinic building (No. 9) was constructed. The proposed development site has high potential for archaeological remains of medieval and post-medieval date, with earlier remains a possibility, although it is likely to have been subject to varying levels of disturbance.

The full report will be made available on the Archaeology Data Service website.