Old Grammar School, Kendal

Old Grammar School, Church Walk, Kendal, Cumbria: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment

An archaeological desk-based assessment was carried out prior to the proposed redevelopment of the Old Grammar School, Church Walk, Kendal, which is Grade II Listed. A grammar school in Kendal was founded in 1525, although it was initially held in the church and did not have its own purpose built building until 1588. The extant of the Old Grammar School probably comprises, as a minimum, parts of the building of 1588. This clearly underwent several modifications, but had seemingly reached its current form by 1787 as it appears with the same footprint on Todd’s map of Kendal of that year. The available documentary record says relatively little about the building itself although early maps and plans show that the main part originally comprised a single large room, which was subdivided in the late 19th century after the construction of a new school building on a different site. The former school was split into two dwellings, which is evident from the census and other documents in the early 20th century. The east end subsequently became part of the Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry, which was opened in 1971, while the west end remained residential.

The full report will be made available on the Archaeology Data Service website.