Top Moor Ridding Cottage, Wray

Land to the North of Top Moor Ridding Cottage, Wray, Lancashire: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment

The site is within the Conservation Area for Wray and there are a large number of Listed Buildings and other standing buildings of historic interest within its vicinity. Wray is thought to be a planned village with its origins in the early 13th century associated with the planned town of Hornby, although there is evidence for prehistoric activity in the general area.

An assessment of the likely impact of the proposed development on the archaeology and built heritage of the area is included. This considers the likely impact of the development on the conservation area to be low as this part of the village has already seen the addition of a relatively large number of modern buildings, although there is some potential for below ground remains of medieval and earlier date to be present. It is recommended that groundworks on the site associated with the new build be monitored, and should the crenellated building on the west side of the access road be substantially altered or demolished that it be suitably recorded.

The full report is available on the Archaeology Data Service website: